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Dancing Gold Flecks – Adapting to Changes
An Anthology of Short Stories

Book Launch (YouTube)


SreDhanea Ramki


Book Review – When Will You Die?

Lalitha Ramanathan

Lalitha Ramanathan

Book Review – When Will You Die?

Shwetha Rohira

Shweta Rohira


Book Review – When Will You Die?

But First Lets Read

But First Let’s Read


“FAST FACTS” is a fun way to get to know some of my favorite (and some new-to-me) authors. Today, let’s get to know Author Jayanthi Sankar!

The Hans India

The Hans India

Revival of Epistolary Novel – 2023
Book Review – When Will You Die?

Soliloquy and Shots

Soliloquy and Shots

When Will You Die book review

Hindustan Times

Authors to Follow This Year by Esoteric Writers – 2023

Esoteric Writers is a community for readers, writers, and book reviewers. In 2023, the community brings forward 5 amazing writers that you cannot miss to follow this year

Heaven Mail

Inner worlds of contemporary humans open a wider scope for fiction like never before: JAYANTHI SANKAR
‘Lived hundreds of lives by writing and thousands through reading’.
An Interview

Book Mist

Book Mist


When Will You Die book review

Elegant Book Club

Elegant Book Club


Organises author interaction with Jayanthi Sankar (YouTube)

Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women

Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women – Workshop

What Does Fiction Really Do To Humanity?
Watch the full video on YouTube

Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women
Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College

Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Vaishnav College – Workshop

Magnifying Proficiencies Towards Employability

The Hans India

The Hans India

The artistry to facilitate more of readers is crucial: Jayanthi Sankar
Author Interview – 2022 Fiction for the novella When Will You Die?

The News Now

The News Now – Book and Author
Book Recommendation and Author Interview
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Penmancy – A coven of creative characters

An Interview with Jayanthi Sankar by Liu Fang

When Will You Die?
Thanks to Liu Fang and Penmancy for the interview

The New Indian Express

Book Review: When Will You Die?

Thank you New Indian Express

New Indian Express_Dec2022
The Times of India

Book Review: When Will You Die?

Thank you Times of India


Writers Beyond Borders
Charlotte Mecklenberg Library, Charlotte, NC – USA

Grateful to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Surabhi Kaushik for the lovely session where I could talk on the importance of fiction in our lives!

Hollis Citron – Podcast 


Wonderful opportunity for me to share what creativity is to me, as an author and a person. Thanks, Hollis Citron!

DailyHunt Review

India Currents

Many thanks to India Currents and Surabhi Kaushik for that endearing interview!

Tabula Rasa review

A fiction that tugs at our conscience
Sredhanea Ramkrishnan reviews TABULA RASA by Jayanthi Sankar

Our Poetry Archive (OPA) – 2021
OPA Anthology of Poetry – Midnight Moments

Jayanthi Sankar – Blog
Love of Literature (LOL) – Aspiring Authors
Check out my personal blog where I talk to aspiring and upcoming authors.

Bharat FM – Rubaru (Cincinnati, USA)
A fiction that tugs at our conscience
Thanks Ashish, for featuring me!

Passion Piece
The Seed of my Life – Tree

This interview set me to ponder deeper about myself.

Tabula Rasa – Review

Book Review: Tabula Rasa by Jayanthi Sankar

Tanmeen Kaur Anand Sethi
In conversation with Jayanthi Sankar

Interview with author Jayanthi Sankar by Subhashini Prasad

Asian Books Blog
Guest post from Jayanthi Sankar
Thanks for highlighting my titles!

An Intricate Castle – Tabula Rasa by Jayanthi Sankar

Book Review

Sukaina Writes
Tabula Rasa book review
Lovely reading

Front List
Author Jayanthi Sankar interview
Thanks for the support, Front List.
Also see YouTube interview

Front List
Tabula Rasa – Book Review
Appreciate the review!

Laura’s Books and Blogs
Motivations of an Inner Critic by Jayanthi Sankar – Guest post
Yet another post which set me into reflective mode.

Books For You
Know your author and the stories behind the book – Jayanthi Sankar

Scarlet Leaf Review
Jayanthi Sankar – An ever-evolving, late bloomer novelist.

Author Interview – Jayanthi Sankar
Scarlet Leaf Review was kind to give space for that interview!

Book World
Misplaced Heads by Jayanthi Sankar
Book Review

The Literature Times
The ever-expanding scope of fiction – ‘Misplaced Heads’

Words Behind the Ink
Review of Misplaced Heads

Muse India
Review of Dangling Gandhi

Literary Titan
Enter my created world
Author interview – Dangling Gandhi

News Today
Exploring diversity, author Jayanthi Sankar writes Dangling Gandhi

Amaruvi’s Aphorisms
Review of Dangling Gandhi

Harimohan Paruvu
Review of Dangling Gandhi

The Bangalore Review
Fiction Post – The Leather Bag

Indian Ruminations
Fiction Post – The Peasant Girl

Misplaced Heads – Webinar Series – Moderated by Sre Dhanea on YouTube

Usha Nagasamy – Lecturer in Further Education College,  London UK
Misplaced Heads – Author Interview (YouTube) – Oct 13 2020

Usha Nagasamy has been writing on and off since her school days and has not been able to fully indulge her craving to write /translate until this venture. She resides for the past two decades in the Greater London area She is a Further Education College Lecturer and has done a lot of interpreting and translating as a freelancer for the local Tamil community. It has been her pleasure to be a small part of the Jayanthi Sankar’s plethora of creative writing by translating a selected part of her short stories and the experience is an attestation of the success and richness of the stories, she says.

The Literature Today
Book Review |Misplaced Heads by Jayanthi Sankar |The Literature Today

Apple Podcasts
Misplaced Heads by Jayanthi Sankar
Listen to the most beautiful Contemporary Historical journey.
Audio Reviews by Kavi (ACS)

Otaku Megane – Chan
Book Review: Dangling Gandhi and Other Short Stories by Jayanthi Sankar

Blog Chatter
Book Review:Tabula Rasa by Jayanthi Sankar – Thenightreaderwrites

Avani Shah – Blog
Book Review: Tabula Rasa by Jayanthi Sankar

Readers Paradise
Book Review: Misplaced Heads by Jayanthi Sankar

Sarath Babu
Book Review: Misplaced Heads by Jayanthi Sankar

Tamil Murasu
Dangling Gandhi book launch and discussion at The Arts House, Singapore

Opera News
In Conversation With Singaporean Author Jayanthi Sankar

Penn Libraries – University of Pennsylvania – Franklin
Misplaced heads / a novel by Jayanthi Sankar

Issuu – The Literary Mirror – March Issue
Jayanthi Sankar – Author Interview