Experimenting indulgences of fiction in historical, allegoric, socio psychological and magical realism.

Latest Publication
Published 2022
Third Publication

Tabula Rasa

Published 2021

This novel explores the story of Singapore, taking the readers on a 200 years’ journey.

Second Publication

Misplaced Heads

Published 2020

A feminine and feministic historical novel that takes the readers on a time machine.

First Publication

Dangling Gandhi and other short stories

Published 2019

This book has twelve unique short stories that talk about Asia, Southeast Asia and Singapore.


Dancing Gold Flecks – Adapting to Changes

An Anthology of Short Stories

Iron Fist In a Velvet Glove is a global Anthology of 32 Short Stories of 27 contributors from UK, USA, Singapore, India, Philippines and Myanmar.

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Characters I create give me far better, profound insights to human psychology than my fellow humans, who inspire me to create my credible characters better every time.

Jayanthi Sankar