Some of the memories* down the lane over the decades, in the literary journey.
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Dangling Gandhi

At last, after dozens of rejections, Dangling Gandhi reached zero degree publishers and the print copies arrived, and it had the luxury of events in three cities, pre Covid times


The book launch at The Arts House at the old parliament building, during pre Covid times turned out memorable.


Hrdraw (Hyderabad Readers and Writers) was generously kind enough to host this reading session in a humble but easy and interactive way.


Co organized by Chennai bloggers club, Madras literary society hosted this event at their venue. The discussion was remarkably profound.

APWT 2018

I was at Gold Coast where there was a two days of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT) conference. Loved the day trip. I soloed to Brisbane before I headed to Christ Church.

PBD Writers Festival 2018

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) by Indian High Commission was held in Singapore, and I had the opportunity to be on panels co organized by Kitab International.

Seemanchal Lit Fest 2016

Two days of Darjeeling trip after the two days festival that Kishanganj showed me an unknown world

Awards & Media Recognition

The Gallery in this site contains only chosen ones from the fraction of whatever I managed to gather/save. The lost and missed along the way are way more.

Launching and Reading - Loss and Laws

All thanks to Kitab international and Zafar Anjum for publishing the title, launching it and the reading events.


I realize it all the more now, how important it is to collect and save photos capturing moments. There have been countless such, but unsaved or lost.