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A journey of 200 years: Singapore

This novel explores the story of Singapore, taking the readers on a 200 years’ journey through the eyes of Li Wei and Muthu.

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Lover of fiction, both to read and write

After listening to the voice of her inner critic, Jayanthi Sankar was drawn to try writing, and ended up pursuing it to eventually become an author.

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Jayanthi Sankar

Author of four books of fiction, Jayanthi Sankar from Singapore has been creatively active since 1995.

Born and brought up in India, she has been living in Singapore since 1990. She enjoys expanding her creative world. While living in her fictional world, most of the time she interacts with the characters she forms and shapes. So, writing a novel is more of a process that she truly lives and loves and she’s all into experimenting, especially in her storytelling.

Also a watercolor hobbyist, she has been a freelancer for two decades, with three years of experience in journalism. 

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Tabula Rasa Book Cover

Tabula Rasa

Misplaced Heads

Dangling Gandhi


When Will You Die?

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Thoroughly enjoyed the short stories, finding them gripping and touching, with unexpected little twists. On my second reading, with real concentration, I found them even more interesting. They made me think, too, and that is always a good thing!
– Valerie Dümpelmann, EFL instructor, Germany

“The spectacular smooth, silky thread of migration holds the exquisite pearls of histories, unique perspectives, lively characters, exciting incidents, connections, and incredible imaginations of Singapore. The phenomenal Tabula Rasa will stay with me for long.”
– Liu Fang, Further Education teacher, Hong Kong

If not for my creative world of reading and writing that formed the purpose of my life, this otherwise mundane life would've reached a stagnant saturation long ago

Jayanthi Sankar
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